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Raspberry Pi Foundation

Raspberry Pi Lens for HQ Camera

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NOTE: Camera is not included with the lens

Increase the sharpness and detail of the images from the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera by connecting these lenses to the Camera. The 6mm focal length allows the Camera to capture images at a wide angle to capture big scenes or moments in huge gatherings while The 16mm focal length allows the Camera to capture images that examine the finer details.

Image Format 1/2" 1"
Focal Length 6mm 16mm
Resolution 3 MegaPixel 10 MegaPixel
Aperture F1. 2 F1. 4-16
Mount CS C
Feild Angle 63° 1" 44.6° x 33.6°
2/3" 30° x 23.2°
1/1.8" 24.7° x 18.6°
1/2" 21.8° x 16.4°
M.O.D. 0.2 mm 0.2 mm
Back Focal Length 7.53 mm 17.53 mm
Optical Length   67.53 mm
Dimension ?30 x 34 mm ?39 x 50 mm
Weight 53g 133.7g
Operation Manual Manual


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